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Heya. New here.. I've been Si-ing for about five years now.. mostly cutting with razorblades/compasses/saftey pins/this metal, sharp-edges desk I have/misceleneous sharp objects/exacto knives. I was requested to stop about four weeks or more ago.. I've lasted this long which is miraculous to my own standards. Read up a bit before joining.. another contribution to the perfume idea is antibacterial shit, you know.. the stuff that goes from liquid to foam. Stings like a bitch on any cut, and keeps away infection. I'm all for Si but infection isn't my thing. An idea is to take up a rough sport and wear as little protective padding as possible, for example I play polo and get the shit beaten out of me. Pissing off the horse makes him bite you, which hurts for a while. Get an abusive relationship, or just abusive friends. Throw cutting parties. Burn yourself after you cut. Or any old time. I've learned that cutting chunks of skin out of sensative areas, or even just the wrist, hurts quite a bit. I use a normal razorblade |[shaving razor.. still attatched]| and quick movements on a diagonal really get the job done. Bleeds a lot, but I doubt anyone in this community is afraid of a little suicide. I'm actually looking for suggestions. Anything beside cutting I can try? I gave away my razors and can't get new ones. Over protective family would simply catch on to buying boxcutters and whatnot. Also I don't really want to be a slave to bracelets to cover up wrist slashes again, I've been through that enough. Just anything that'll hurt.. that's what I want. ::sighs:: Okay, I guess I'm done here for now. Thanks for reading.
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hey you seem pretty cool...and cutting i love that idea. i've slowly sunken into beating myself, like hitting myself or thowing myself at things, getting bruises and then pressing on them. but if you like blood, that doesn't work so well. there is always burning, and you don't have to use water, steam, wax...they all work well. i personally don't like fire much. i've never tried papercutting myself but i bet it works. my favorite cutting tool will always be glass. i broke a mirror once and used the shards and i've been hooked ever since.
The self-beating sounds like a good idea, but I know I'd wind up laughing over the images while I was doing it. Glass sounds like a good idea, but do little shards ever get stuck in your skin?
Wow I just realized how extremely repetative that whole thing sounds. Gross. Sorry about that.
aw don't worry bout it. if you are careful with the shards you pick then you can avoid getting anything stuck in your skin. you can find some that have edges like very small razorblades and, well, yeah glass cuts better. it's lovely.
Tornequet your feet until they go to sleep. Then try walking down stairs.
Wow I couldn't help cracking up over that one. That's such a great idea! lol
That's why this is clever self harm.. ;)
sensory overload.

if your senses are particularly acute (as mine are), you can listen to music that's just so loud it hurts, on headphones or whatnot.

or get in a really dark place, so that your eyes adjust to the light really well, then fire off matches one at a time every minute or so (lighter might not work so well....) the sudden light leaves a white spot on your retina for a few minutes, but no lasting damage and no scars (unless you feel like burning yourself at the same time, or unless you stumble in the dark but i don't 'cause i can see in almost no light, which makes this particularly effective)