Consummated (consummated) wrote in cleverselfharm,

The Piano Teacher

No serious, thinking cutter should go through life without seeing the film The Piano Teacher. The movie is a visceral, utterly believable look at a woman's twisted quest for passion. Erika (played with crispy perfection by Isabelle Huppert) is a seemingly strict and frigid piano teacher at a prestigious conservatory. But underneath it all, Erika just wants to feel something. She experiments with everything from voyeurism to self-harm, until she meets Walter, a handsome young man, and attempts to build a relationship with him.

There are several scenes showcasing self-injury in this movie, but the most notable one, the one that you can only find on unrated versions of the movie, is definitely the most memorable: In her bathroom, Erika takes out a razor blade, and begins cutting herself between the legs. Then, her mother calls her to dinner. Erika calmly pulls out a Maxi Pad™, applies it, and walks off to eat.

There's a lesson in it for us all: Why wait for it to bleed? Assert control over your cycle—It'll bleed when you want to. That goes for you gentlemen, too. Only women bleed? Not any more. You, too, can experience the tribulations of a bloodied gonad.
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